funny place //// hubert makes a lamb chop

thanks to Seven Knots Productions, you can check out the third installment from our Brighton Sound Sessions below, featuring a new jimmy jam of ours called “Funny Place”.

for a little dessert, here is some vintage footage of Hubert Keller serving up some lamb. yes. Hubert knows how to take it to the house.


ºººººººººº OPEN season ººººººººººº

tell ya what- we’re playing our first show of 2013 soon.  we’ll be sharing the stage with Philly buds Grandchildren and Buried Beds on Friday, March 1st, at Underground Arts.  and, it will be quite fun… tickets available HERE

two videos for yins

hey comrades, here are two visual treats for yins… first is our second video from our sessions at Brighton Studios, “In Da Hot Tub”…


second is our recent video for “Big Big Hunter”,  which we hope will loosen your hamstrings.