• 4/20 @ Sympathetic Frequencies (Philadelphia, PA) Benefit for Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity w/ Murayama, Miss Cantaloupe, Sonni Shine, Kenny 3, Beams
• 4/27 @ Little Saint (Richmond, VA) w/ Shormey, Gardener
• 4/28 @ The Beehive (Washington D.C.) w/ Tolva, Wei Zhongle, Benjamin Schurr/Madeline Billhimer
• 5/3 @ Spacebar (Columbus, OH) w/ Sweet Teeth, Osea Merdis, Rafting
• 5/4 @ The Magic Barn (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Flocks, TBD
• 5/5 @ The Rat House (Bloomington, IN) w/ Daguerreotype, Birrrd
• 5/6 @ Emporium (Chicago, IL) w/ Woongi, Pixel Grip
• 5/10 @ Threes Brewing (Brooklyn, NY) BENEFIT FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION COUNCIL w/ Renata Zeiguer, Zula, Wilder Maker
• 5/18 @ HH Ranch (Philadelphia, PA) BENEFIT FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION COUNCIL w/ Circadian Rhythms, Little Strike, Secret Nudist Friends

more shows en route……….


• 3/17 @ Bathtub Republic (Washington D.C.) w/ The North Country, The Wimps
• 3/16 @ The Crown (Baltimore, MD) w/ Zachary Utz, Modern Nomad, Dwillingville, DJ Gurl Crush
• 3/10 @ Johnny Brenda’s (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Paperhaus, Ellen Siberian Tiger, The Ada Babar Situation
• 3/8 @ 1984 (Wilmington, DE) w/ Sarah Koon, No Sir E


5/4 @ Boot and Saddle (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Square Peg Round Hole, Hallowed Bells
4/30 @ Threes Brewing (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Gemma, Oshwa
4/14 @ HH Ranch (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Impressionist, Power Animal
4/8 @ Pollination Fest (Cincinnatti, OH)
4/7 @ The Ice Cream Factory (Cincinnatti, OH) w/ Blakkr, TBD
4/1 @ Haushouse (Washington D.C.) w/ Go Cozy, Fellow Creatures
3/31 @ Toast (Norfolk, VA) w/ Seamonster, Berries
3/30 @ Gallery 5 (Richmond, VA) w/ Headless Mantis, WaBeya


5/27 @ Bourbon & Branch (Philadelphia, PA)
‘NATURAL MAJIQUE’ RELEASE SHOW w/ Minka, Circadian Rhythms
4/29 @ The Keep (Chicago, IL) w/ Paper Mice, Oshwa, Advance Base
4/27 @ Uel Zing (Bloomington, IN) w/ Duck Trash, Ol’ Buddy, Stone Irr
4/25 @ The Comet (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Clearance, DJ Doe Eyes
4/24 @ Smiling Skull Saloon (Athens, OH) w/ Crooked Spines, Turtle Island
4/23 @ Victory’s (Columbus, OH) w/ Fine Animal, Moira, Pace of Glaciers
4/22 @ Magic Gardens (Philadelphia, PA)
4/21 @ E.M.P. Collective (Baltimore, MD) w/ Butch Dawson, Frozen Lawn, Micah E. Wood
4/20 @ Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe (Washington D.C.) w/ Young Rapids, Summer Salt, Jau Ocean
3/26 @ Milkboy Philly w/ Square Peg Round Hole (Album Release), Moon Bounce
1/9 @ Observatory (Chicago, IL) w/ Sunjacket, Evasive Backflip, Nnamdi’s Sooper-Dooper Secret Side Project
1/8 @ Northside Tavern (Cincinnati, OH) w/ ADM, Jennifer Simone
1/7 @ Rumba Cafe (Columbus, OH) w/ Fine Animal, Sweet Teeth, Paper Morning
1/6 @ The Crown (Baltimore, MD) w/ Super City, The Bellflowers, Marian McLaughlin
1/5 @ Boot & Saddle – PHILLY FOR BERNIE SANDERS Concert ROUND 2 w/ Tutlie, Tinmouth


12/2 @ Boot & Saddle – PHILLY FOR BERNIE SANDERS Concert w/ Laser Background, On the Water
11/10 @ Johnny Brenda’s (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Sinkane, Steven A. Clark
10/18 @ Aviv (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Mal Devisa, Drama Section, Shira
10/2 • Crime & Punishment (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Collin Woolcock, Dogs on Main Street
9/5 • Chaya (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Ganou, Andrew Grossman
5/13 • Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Isadora, Spritzer, Secret Crush
5/8 • Ortlieb’s (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Isadora, My Son Bison
4/13 • The Comet (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Us Today
4/12 • Quencher’s (Chicago, IL) w/ Monobody, Hundred Heads, SASC
4/11 • Phog Lounge (Windsor, ON) w/ Life in Vacuum, Future States, and more
4/10 • The Cavern (Toronto, ON) w/ Sly Why, TRTH CLTR, Jonesin’ and the Hurt
4/8 • Silk City (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Ill Delta, Infinien
3/13 • Milkboy Philadelphia w/ Delicate Steve, Drone Ranger


12/19 • Milkboy Philadelphia w/ Baby Baby, Vilebred
12/6 • Hoffner Lodge (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Happy Maladies, Eddy Kwon
12/5 • Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL) w/ Oshwa, Panda Riot, Ghastly Menace
12/4 • Brothers Drake Meadery (Columbus, OH) w/ Fine Animal, Fingers
12/3 • Phog Lounge (Windsor, ON) w/ Junior Bob, Justin Krolczyk
12/2 • Annette Studios (Toronto, ON) w/ Junior Bob, Victor (Sly Why), Baby Labour
11/8 • Communiverse (Washington DC) w/ Laughing Man, Crown Larks, Iron Gump
11/6 • Underground Arts (Philly, PA) w/ Norwegian Arms, Highasakite, more TBA
9/24 • PIANO’S (Manhattan NYC) w/ Isadora, Floating Compass, Owel, Friend Roulette
9/18 • Boot & Saddle – EP Release Show (Philly, PA) w/ Grandchildren, Drone Ranger
8/23 • Magic Death Sounds Block Party (JOEL + JON DUO) (Philadelphia, PA)
8/7 • Bourbon & Branch (Philly-Silly) w/ Isadora, Dangerous Creatures
5/21 • Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Zula, Lip Talk, Tiny Hazard
4/17 • Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Conveyor, Friend Roulette, Small Wonder
3/29 • PhilaMOCA (Philly) w/ Roof Doctors, Mumblr, Soda Bomb
1/24 • Boot and Saddle (Philly-Silly) w/ Banned Books, Laser Background, Bad Braids
1/23 • The Paperhaus (Washington, DC) w/ Greenland, Sleepy Kitty, Lies About
1/22 • The Crown (Baltimore, MD) w/ Chester Endersby Gwazda, Which Magic


12/22 • Silk City (Phillydelph) w/ The Fresh Cut Orchestra + Tim Conley, AZTC
11/23 • PhilaMOCA (Phillydelph) w/ Legs Like Tree Trunks, Paperhaus, Spirt and Dust
11/21 • Shea Stadium (Brooklyn) w/ Isadora, Tiny Hazard, Teletextile
9/28 • Spotty Dog (Hudson, NY) w/ Palm
9/27 • SMOG (Bard College, NY) w/ Friend Roulette, Palm, Sick Kids
9/26 • Club Metronome (Burlington, VT)
9/24 •  The Rock Shop (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Friendly People, Little Anchor
8/18 • West Kensington Ministry (Matt + Jon DUO)  w/ Oshwa, The Happy Maladies, Banned Books
6/14 • MilkBoy Philly w/ Liz and the Lost Boys, Anjuli Josephine
6/12 • Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Xenia Rubinos, Half Waif, Throw Vision
5/18 • MilkBoy Philly w/ The National Rifle, Instamatic
5/4 • Special & Sweet Homecoming Party (West Philly – contact us for info) w/ Evan Corey Levine, TBA
5/3 • Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH – Contact us for info) w/ Subprime Sloane
5/2 • Mayday Northside (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Carnal Unit, Animal Mother
4/28 • Ultra Lounge (Chicago, IL) w/ Water House, Deadbeat, Pixel Grip
4/27 •  Rhumba Cafe (Columbus, OH) w/ The Hemlocks, Room and Board
4/26 • Blue Recipe Radio Shindig (Columbus, OH – contact us for info) w/ Carnal Unit
4/25 • Mahall’s (Cleveland, OH) w/ Cereal Banter, Tracy Morgan Freeman
4/14 • Big Snow Buffalo Lodge w/ Tiny Hazard, Shy Hunters, Video Daughters
4/11 • Johnny Brenda’s w/ Caveman, Pure Bathing Culture
3/29 • Dane’s House w/ My Son Bison
3/1 • Underground Arts w/ Grandchildren, Buried Beds


12/8 • Green Line Cafe w/ Railbird, Alex Tamarin
12/6 • Kung Fu Necktie w/ Bear Hands, Mock Suns
11/9 • Kobo Live (Columbus, OH) w/ Runners and more
11/8 • Rake’s End (Cincinnati, OH) w/ ADM, Shadowraptr
11/7 • Maxipad (Bloomington, IN) w/ Steven Layne (Chandelier Ballroom), KO, and more
11/5 • The Whip (Chicago, IL) w/ Michael Reality, Richard Album, Zigtebra
11/4 • Township (Chicago, IL) w/ Zapruder Point, The World Record, Wells Next The Sea
11/3 • 1427 (Columbus, OH) w/ In Silent Movies, The Happy Maladies
11/2 • Oberlin College (WOBC In-Studio Session)
10/5 • The OX w/ Norwegian Arms, Thin Hymns, Laser Background
10/3 • Big Snow Buffalo Lodge (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Thin Hymns, KillerBOB
9/21 • First Unitarian Church (Philly Fringe Festival w/ BODYFIELDS)
9/20 • First Unitarian Church (Philly Fringe Festival w/ BODYFIELDS)
9/7 • First Unitarian Church (Philly Fringe Festival w/ BODYFIELDS)
7/31 • Kung Fu Necktie w/ In One Wind, Oh! Pears, Leverage Models
7/26 • PAT’S HOUSE (that was a fun time) w/ Cincinnati pals & more
7/13 • Muchmore’s (Brooklyn, NY) w/ The Eskelators, Cuddle Magic, Saintseneca
6/29 • Golden West Cafe (Baltimore, MD) w/ Lands & Peoples, Secret Mountains, Happy Family
6/21 • Johnny Brenda’s w/ Cuddle Magic, Midtown Dickens
5/31 • Big Snow Buffalo Lodge (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Railbird, In One Wind, The Shoe Ins
5/20 • Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Celestial Shore, Banned Books, Pepi Ginsberg
4/22 • PhilaMOCA w/ Grandchildren, Hume, The Dreebs
4/13 • Somebody’s House (Pittsburgh, PA) w/ Legs Like Tree Trunks, Relationships
4/12 • Semantics Gallery (Cincinnati, OH) w/ Reighnbeau, Brodie Johnson
4/10 • The Burlington (Chicago, IL)
4/9 • Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) w/ Brain Idea, Names Divine
4/5 • Happy Dog (Cleveland, OH)
4/4 • Cedar’s Lounge (Youngstown, OH) w/ Cereal Banter, Glowfriends
3/25 • Kung Fu Necktie w/ Tygerstrype, United Kingdom
3/22 • Maxwell’s on Main (Doylestown, PA) w/ United Kingdom
1/5 • Johnny Brenda’s w/ Red Sea, The Sea Around Us


11/7 • Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Railbird, Celestial Shore, The Rex Complex
10/21 • Steel City (Phoenixville, PA) w/ The Fractals
10/13 • Triumph Brewery w/ Renne
10/7 • Siren Records (Doylestown, PA) w/ Renne, XVSK
10/6 • PhilaMOCA (w/ The Sea Around Us, Troubled Hips)
8/20 • North Star Bar (w/ Split Red, In One Wind, The Sea Around Us)
8/19 • Sycamore (Brooklyn, NY) (w/ In One Wind)
8/18 • O’Brien’s Pub (Allston, MA) (w/ In One Wind, Fuxa Natra)
8/14 • Heirloom Arts Theatre (Danbury, CT)
8/13 • Precinct (Somerville, MA) (w/ Lowman, Twin Fish, Lady Majestic, Cowgill)
8/12 • Rockwood Music Hall (New York, NY) (w/ In One Wind)
8/11 • Flywheel Arts Collective (Easthampton, MA) (w/ Mountain Interval, Walking Ghosts)
6/24 • Danger Danger Gallery (w/ The Grenadines, Twin Killers, Scott Churchman)
6/12 • Little Bar (w/ In One Wind)
6/3 • Cha-Cha’Razzi (w/ United Kingdom, Yianni Kourmadas, Emily Bate)
6/2 • Green Line Cafe (w/ Snow Caps)
2/2 • The Fire (w/ iNfiNieN, The Looks of It)


12/16 • The Greenline Cafe (w/ Renne)
10/17 • Tritone (w/ The Fractals)

?????? • Fuzzy memories of early shows….


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