SON STEP is a guitar-less, synth-drenched pop outfit based in Philadelphia, comprised of twin brothers Jon and Chris Coyle (vocals/synthesizers and bass), Joel Gleiser (vocals/electronics), and Matt Scarano (percussion). With their unique setup, the group expertly assembles twisted percussive layers and electric textures into songs that simultaneously speak in complex patterns and colorful, emotional terms. In this spirit, Son Step’s impending third full-length album, Fossilillies, is their most dynamic, evolved offering yet, a whirlwind of novel soundscapes where each member is an integral part of the process.


 “All of the band’s fragmented elements work harmoniously… Son Step has a firm understanding of their sound.” – Consequence of Sound

“Things bode well for their future sound explorations: trippy, atypical song structure, haunting beauty, playfulness with loops and circuital layering. Can’t wait to watch this band grow.” – PhillyNow

 “From the first urgent, syncopated drumbeat that kicks off Here Comes Dreamboat, the first full-length from Philadelphia-based four-piece Son Step, it’s clear the listener is in for a treat.  For any album, but especially for a debut, it is remarkably spirited and self-assured: it takes confidence to make music that resists classification as thoroughly this does. In an indie landscape peppered with dubstep and hazy, beachy guitar riffs, Son Step stands out.” 

- Alexandria Symonds of Interview Magazine

“Son Step caught me by surprise… An experimental Philly indie foursome that’s keen on using complex polyrhythm, restrained bass lines, hushed vocals, and lightly washed-out guitar… The band’s music stuck with me.” – Leor Galil of The Chicago Reader

“Listen to the Beautifully Layered World of Son Step’s ‘Natural Majique'” (The Key, 2016)

“REVIEW: Son Step – Natural Majique” (ThrdCoast, 2016)

“Son Step – Wavesee” (Going Solo, 2014)

“Son Step, ‘In Da Hot Tub'” (Impose Magazine, 2014)



“Sweet Wife Life” (Blue Room Session, 2017)

“Steam Team” (Seven Knots Session, 2015)

“Forks” (Spooky Tooth EP, 2011)


(click to download hi-res .jpg)

LAVA 237.1 small

MB1_1497 sharper small

Joel Chris Union Pool

bard mural 2.1 small

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